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Dark Electronic Symphony of Emotions


Loopble music tracks, devided by emotions (Death, Life, Cruelty, Despair, Entrapment, Fear, Hatered, Madness, Regret and Menu music). Each is about 2.5 min long, specially composed for video games. The tracks are in both loopble and "start to end" formats. .wav and .mp3 


The music is in general a dark symphonic atmosphere.

Pack contains:

* 11 Tracks

* "Start to End" versions of all the tracks
* Loopable virsions of all the tracks

* Both .mp3 and .wav file formats



Files compatible with all platforms (PS, XBox, PC, Windows, iOS, Android, Mobile and others)  


Track list:

1) Regret (02:26)
2) Cruelty (02:31

3) Death (02:47)

4) Despair (02:36)

5) Entrapment (02:55)

6) Fear (02:38)

7) Hatered (02:41)

8) Life (03:03)

9) Madness (02:44)

10) Menu (02:05)


Total: 26:30








Composed by Arnold Nesis
Assistant to composer: Yoni Novik



Music for video games and films

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